African Americans During The 1890 ' S Essay

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Section 1 Question # 2
Between the late 1890’s and late 1920’s, many African Americans struggled for survival and equal prosperity, especially after the effects of the reconstruction period. Many blacks had to live in the rural south, and make a life for themselves through lots of indentures to support both themselves and their families. This time period, was a huge disenfranchisement for blacks being that they had to deal with discriminatory behaviors, social, political and economic disparity, and even problems such as lynching and the eminent KKK. African Americans would not see a rise in racial equality until the late 1960’s.
If I was an African American living between 1890 and 1928, I would be living a basic lifestyle, with me and my family. Being that I am a woman, my life would consist primarily of nurturing my children, tending to family necessities such as cleaning, cooking, and tending to my husband whenever he came back from working as a sharecropper. My job explicitly would consist of tending to my children needs, having food on the table for my husband; however, during this time a lot of mothers and wives wanted to work alongside their husbands and or join the wave of Black activism trying to defend the culture and the promotion of African Americans through civil rights organizations. For a living, I would be contributing to the Progressive movement where many women advocated for low wages in the industrial systems, assisted with trying to raise feminine…

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