Essay on African American Women 's Influence On Society

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The perception of normal in America has become a hindrance for African American women to express their unique beauty in today’s society. The ideal image that has been pushed through media is the Eurocentric beauty, causing Native American, Hispanics and African Americans to conform to look more American. African Americans have been working hard to mold themselves to what they feel is most acceptable in society for years now. Since post emancipation, the African American culture has two methods to “fix” their blackness in order to blend in (Hargro). One being to straighten their hair to make it more pleasing to the eye as the European hair textures which is the ultimate goal of “good hair”. Once again to comply with the likings of society and to feel like they belong African American women turned to either chemically or thermally straightening their hair. My question is when is enough, enough? When will black women learn to accept themselves as they are? When will the American society including TV commercials, magazine ads, and even the workforce stop pushing Eurocentric as the only acceptable beauty?
Conventionally, African American hair has been scrutinized in a number of conflicting ways. In past and present African nations, hair is considered a symbol of status, identity, and ancestry (Bellinger 1). During the times of slavery in early the 1800s, slaves were told by their masters to refer to their thick, uncared for mane as wool instead of hair. Hair was a source of…

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