African American Slaves During The Colonial Era Essay

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In the early 1600s the inhumane transporting and enslaving of African Americans in the American colonies began. Although the English settlers required agricultural labor during the Colonial Era, their use of the African American slaves was unjust. The English did not provide sufficient housing, clothing, or nutrition for the African American slaves, nor did the settlers have any regards for their families. The English also overworked the slaves and gave them brutal and inhumane punishments. The slaveholders had a, “prevailing attitude . . . to only allot their slaves the bare minimum of food, clothing, and housing,” (The Life of a Slave, n.d.). Anything beyond that was expected to be supplied by the slaves in their very limited free time away from work. The slaves were generally only supplied rags to wear so slave mothers often had to work long nights in order to clothe their families. As far as nutrition, slaveholders rarely provided their slaves with meat or fish to eat. Most slaves had to, “supplement their diets by tending to small plots of land or fishing for personal consumption,” (The Life of a Slave, n.d.). Sense the slaveholders were only worried about keeping their financial investments alive and working the farm, the shelters provided for the slaves were very meager. Most slaves took shelter in small stick houses with dirt floors, cracks in the walls that let in the wind and cold, and only small coverings as windows. Needless to say, slaveholders were not…

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