African American Of African Americans Essay

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African American English, while only a slight variation of traditional English, provides an interesting insight on the various African American vernaculars around the country. Its history is rooted from slavery. It was a time when African Americans weren 't allowed to be taught, teach each other, nor learn to read. In fact, it was illegal. Yet, as the world has progressed from those dark days, many people are seeing the African American society as a key demographic to reach. One such group is politicians. Many parties, from Democrats to conservative Republicans, are realizing the importance of the African American vote. Politicians are able to blend the actions of the political world into one that is more relatable to the general populace. One way politicians are able to communicate with Americans from every culture, race and creed contained herein is by learning the vernacular, thereby comprehending and being able to convey emphasis of the same. By being able to accurately gauge what African American communities want from their government, politicians help further these causes through a political system that finally recognizes African Americans and their role in American society. African American English holds the key to closing many of the societal gaps that help make laws that will, eventually, close the social divide between the races. During many elections, politicians have appear in front and answer to their constituents. Often the dialogs fail based on things…

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