African American Newspapers On Social And Political Life

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The film “The Black Press” explains the effects of African American newspapers on social and political life in America. Navigating life after slavery was often guided by the images and ideas seen in mainstream media. The press attempted to counteract the images of vilification and oppression by giving blacks as sense of worth and power. The press created a sense of control for black Americans that would allow them to change the course of history.
After decades of vilification and oppression without any power, African Americans found a new freedom in the press. A sense of control loomed over the black community when the first black newspaper, “Freedom’s Journal,” was published in 1827. John Russworm and Samuel Cornish were selected as editors of the paper. Frederick Douglass’ campaign inspired the men on what to write for the journal. The papers essentially did what Douglass did: have an African American voice speak for his or her fellow Americans instead of whites addressing problems that they created and were still perpetuating. The newspaper created a medium in which information could be spread quickly within the black community. Newspapers provided information quickly and easily, as the Internet does for us today. The papers pouring into black communities large and small made journalism a dynamic source of social progression. The black press supercharged the Civil Rights movement by allowing African Americans to drive the change for the race. This was one of…

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