African American Literature From The United States Essay

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I am a foreign raised young Asian trying to fit into society in the United States. There were number of years that I was feeling discouraged and excluded from the society just because of the simple fact that I don’t speak English well. So, I tried my way up to speak English as fluent as I can be and try to blend into the society. It progressed well. I was getting accepted more as a person as my language was getting better. However, there is always a certain level of racial discrimination remains the same, bit hidden way. Interestingly, I could relate all my experiences throughout the years to the most of the contexts and novels I have read in this class, African American Culture. The course was examined some of the major debates and central tests of African American literature from many different perspectives. The central theme of the course was the relationship between race, representation, and identity. The most of the representatives of African American literature were addressing the racial discrimination issues and trying to influence everybody to see one another as a unique person without discriminating. When I was reading through some of the remarkable novels and authors, I observed the big picture of timeline of racism towards minority and many ways of intellectual people expressing their thoughts to make changes. So, I would like to share some of my personal experiences and how it blends into the novels I have read.
First, one of my favorite stories from this course…

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