African American Girls From Marginalized Demographics Essay

1273 Words Dec 4th, 2014 null Page
African-American girls from marginalized demographics, such as low income families, impoverished and crime ridden neighborhoods, and violent homes and communities, often undergo feelings of worthlessness and invalidity due to their socio-economic standings; which often results in low- level academic performance and self-esteem behaviors such as poor coping skills, decision- making, and risky behaviors (Wallace, Townsend, Glasgow & Ojie, 2011). This lower self-esteem is caused in part by marginalization, racism and urban culture that sexualizes African American girls and also leads to other issues such as poor school performance and risky sexual behavior. All too often urban media and culture glorify the behaviors that develop from this low self-esteem and lack of self-awareness convincing the young ladies that their behavior is common and/or acceptable (Wallace, Townsend, Glasgow & Ojie, 2011). African-American girls in these circumstances have more access to images of video vixens and belligerence than they do high class and educated Black women (Wallace, Townsend, Glasgow & Ojie, 2011).
With a tumultuous history of defaming imagery, the depiction of Black women in social and media standards have been for the most part negative and substandard when compared to their White counterparts (Adams, 2010). While recent advances have been made, the standard of universal beauty has been and still is the White women with straight, long hair (Adams, 2010). This combined with the…

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