African American Education : No Other Choice Essay

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no other choice. Same goes for education; you go where it is free or you get the best you can afford, which might also mean going somewhere close to home.
According to Weber, we become trapped within iron cages. Majority individuals are trapped when it comes to white privilege. A person cannot stop being white; therefore, they will always reap the benefits of white privilege even if they feel they have done nothing to earn the privileges. Minorities on the other hand feel stuck in their lives because of disadvantages. Since most African Americans do not receive the same education as Caucasian students, they are not prepared for college in the same way. Less education leads to fewer opportunities. If African Americans are not provided with the same education, most likely they will not reach the same level of success as Caucasian students. Race alone does not lead to a poor education; social economic status also influences education. An African American child going to an inner city public school is not going to receive the same education as a Caucasian child going to a private school near Harvard University. Therefore, race and social class lead to white privilege and the iron cage. Unless the same quality of education is provided for children of all races and social statuses, minority children and adults will continue to be trapped within their iron cages.
In-groups are groups that people identify with and want to be a part of. Out-groups are groups that people do not…

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