African American Community And The Exclusive Experiences Essay examples

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I am especially interested in learning about the African American community and the exclusive experiences that they may have because of their group membership, and the further discrimination that they may experience because of their intersecting identities.

My Primary Identity Group and Reasons for My Choice
The primary essential identity group that I will be doing my Peer Interview on will be a racial group. I would like to further explore the experiences of Black Americans. I have selected this group for my primary identity group because of the extremely different views and experiences in life that the members of this group may have from myself. Members of this group’s ancestors have faced some of the worst outright discrimination, racism and inequality that has taken place in America. Members of this group continue to face discrimination today. Americas past of oppression and inequality for members of a minority groups continue on even today in a country where it is widely accepted that racism no longer exists. I believe that the general public, namely those that are white believe this to be true because outright racism is no longer practiced (i.e. slavery). However, racism is still widely practiced in America and greatly impacting those in the Black community. Current racism takes varying forms. Whether that be with laws that intentionally target low-income people often of minority groups, inconsistent arrest and incarceration rates between whites and…

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