Ghana Kingdom

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Africa was a very diverse continent that had many different kingdoms including The Kingdom of Ghana, The Kingdom of Mali, lastly The Kingdom of Songhai. One of the main kingdoms was the Kingdom of Mali. Ghana was the ruling kingdom for hundreds of years but due to losing in wars it collapsed during the 1100s. Once it collapsed The Kingdom of Mali rose to power. During the middle of the 1200s Mali was established by Sundiata Keita. Sandiata won or defeated Ghana and captured its capital in 1240. He established wealth and power through the salt and gold trade. The salt and gold trade was during a lot of the 1200s. Caramel Caravans would carry salt and other things from the North America all the way to the Sahara. Caravans took the items to trade …show more content…
Ghana was the first big trading state in West Africa, the surfaced during 500 A.D. Located in the upper Niger River Valley, between the Sahara and tropical forests in West Africa. Most Ghanaian people were local farmers living in a small village. Ghanaian rulers governed without laws so for example say someone steals there is no written law for what they could do to this person so this person may just be executed. Like all the other kingdoms kings relied on their forceful military. Blacksmiths in Ghana were so treasured because their main trading item was iron ore and they could use iron ore to make tools and or weapons. Ghana also had as much gold as the world has ever seen. At one point in time the animals of Ghana wore golden collars and slept on silk and plush carpets. Ghana’s gold was the center and most traded product of the biggest trading empire of Africa. Muslims from North Africa brought items such as : Metal goods , textile, horses, and salt. Ghanaians used salt for the taste and to preserve their food. Salt was also a medicine of some sort they used salt to replace what their bodies lost in the hot climate. Gold was not the only thing ghanaians traded they also traded Ivory, Hides , and slaves. Just like all the other kingdoms camels were a major part in their trade. Camels were very much adapted to desert temperatures and could hydrate themselves with large quantities of water at once. 100 camels would have goods and supplies for a caravan trek. These caravans moved at a rate of 3 miles per hour, by them going this slow it would take at least 40 to 60 days to reach its destination. Kings in the Ghanaian kingdom became wealthy because of they taxed everything that came in and everything that came out. By the ninth and eighth century Muslims took the trade to as far as Southwest Asia this caused the Kingdom to collapse. The Americas contrary to the Africa had many

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