Afric A Nation Continent With Constant Wars And Famine Essay

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Africa was thought to be a lost continent with constant wars and famine. For the last twenty years Africa as a whole has been going through a resurgence. The “Bottom Billion” refers to countries where the population lives on less than two dollars a day. Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world, but there is hope. According to the African Development Bank Group in 2015 alone real Gross Domestic Product grew by 8.1%. Even with impressive growth throughout the years Mozambique to plagued by the disease that has claimed so many lives. With an aggressive public awareness campaign the promoted use of condoms will help eradicate HIV/AIDS in Mozambique.
The history of Mozambique is a troubled one. For the first five hundred years of inception Mozambique was an imperial colony of the Portuguese empire. After official borders were drawn in the scramble of Africa the Portuguese regime held an iron grip for the next one hundred years. The reason why the Portuguese held on two this stretch of coastline for so long was because Mozambique has rich mining potential as well as geo-strategic significance. Mozambique acts as a gateway into Africa and part of the trade routes between Europe and Asia.
The 1960s were a time change across the continent of Africa the people were fed up with taking orders from people that do not respect them. The people began to rise up on the oppressors and fought for independence. The war was so terrible that it took a major toll on economic…

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