Afghanistan Is A Country With A Deep History Essay

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Afghanistan is a country with a deep history. Many famous people have encountered the country including Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world with little to offer agriculturally. This paper describes Afghanistan’s population in spite of the country’s instability due to their physical environment, dysfunctional military, and lack of money. Afghanistan is a country surrounded by land. Its nearest coast line it the Arabian Sea, which is approximately 300 miles to the south. Afghanistan’s shape is similar to an irregular leaf with the Wakhan Corridor simulating its stem. The overall land mass is around 250,000 square miles which is a comparatively the same size as the state of Texas and is sparsely populated (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, 2010). The majority of land area lies above 6,562 feet. The Hindu Kush is a dominant mountain system that runs through the middle of the country, in a northeast to southwest direction dividing the country into northern and southern border regions. The interior divide lies an abundance of plateaus and deserts. The Amu Darya River forms the northern border along with its tributary, the Panj. On the eastern and southern perimeter resides Pakistan, on the western border lies Iran. Along the northeastern portion of Afghanistan’s border is China (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, 2010). Afghanistan endures…

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