Affirmative Action Needs In College Essay

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Affirmative Action Needs to be Overthrown for College Acceptance
I plan to argue that college admission should not a consider a person’s gender and/or race/ethnicity but should solely focus on things that a student has control over, like grades and extracurricular activities. The idea behind affirmative action is supposed to be positive discrimination (to where the majority is the one being discriminated instead of the minority), but in the end discrimination is discrimination regardless of the way someone views it. This alleged positive discrimination is meant to help minorities with equal job and educational opportunities. A minority would be any person who is part of the smaller group of people which can include race, ethnicity and gender;
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This is also important to me as I, myself, am Hispanic and Latino and this may end up making the difference if I’m admitted or not into the college I want. In addition, I don’t appreciate getting taken pity on by a college due to my background and being judged by that, I would much rather be judged by my academic abilities and outside of school activities. While I do understand that affirmative action was made to help minorities acquire positions and opportunities that they wouldn’t normally receive, at the same time it discriminates against the majority even if they are better qualified than a minority …show more content…
In addition, I would like to find out how much of a role does gender and race actually play into a college application? Something else that interest me is the contrast between the background of the people that are accepted into college versus that of those who actually graduate. Furthermore, I would like to know, up to what level of education do people of different backgrounds achieve? Lastly, I would like to find out, how does affirmative action differ from state to state as some have a higher population of minority

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