Affirmative Action Is The United States Essay

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Throughout the history of the United States, minorities have been kept out of institutions and refused access to higher education. Affirmative Action started in 1965 in hopes to grant minorities more access to jobs , but has grown to also encompass ensuring that minorities are allowed admittance to higher education facilities. The goal was to equalize the population in terms of opportunity, and also be equitable in how people were treated. Since its implementation, many people have opposed it and have given reasons for why the system is flawed. However, Affirmative Action is a policy that needs to be kept in place because it helps fight against racial discrimination and helps minorities who have been historically excluded from schools. On the side of the opposition, there are many well-thought out points. One article argued that there are now “victims of reverse discrimination” , who are extremely qualified white people that were not accepted into universities while their less qualified minority counterparts were admitted. What these people fail to realize is that their counterparts most likely did not have the same educational resources because “most resources being spent on children from the wealthiest communities and the fewest on the children of the poor, especially in high minority communities” . The minority students were not given the opportunity to have the same GPA as the white people. Another point made is that it harms black students because they are…

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