Affirmative Action : Black And White Relationship Essay

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One thing that brings race into affirmative action program is what concept of affirmative action is being used and discussed. When discussing white guilt and how it contributes to affirmative action, many people who experience the white guilt may be thinking about “affirmative action towards blacks versus affirmative action in general” (Swim and Miller, 1999, p513). This seems to resonate with the concept of color-blindness. There are two major settings of color-blindness concepts: color-blindness in general or color-blindness in regards to black and white relationship. When looking at the different expressions of color-blindness and individuals’ responses to how their color-blindness is process, there is implications of discussion of white and black relationship. Often the implications, even when using the term race, seems to refer to black and the opportunities they now have. This demonstrate that there is still a large gap between blacks and whites, with the blacks still facing many inequality and restricted to limited opportunities. It would seem that after so many years, the color of our skin shouldn’t be a concern because of the growing number of races, ethnicities, and cultures, but it still exists. It seems that the belief and idea that the future is here now with different programs and a different setting then it was years ago that race no longer plays a role in the jobs and education we received. Yet, this new form of racism, color-blindness racism, is still…

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