Affirmative Action And Its Effect On The Workplace Essay

1162 Words Nov 24th, 2015 5 Pages
Today organizations pay due attention to the significance of affirmative action in the workplace. There is much evidence that affirmative action can help to resolve the discrimination problem in the workplace. In fact, affirmative action has been scrutinized for years because of the changes it has brought about in workplaces for minorities and women. Today due to the development and implementation of effective affirmative action programs, minorities and women have an opportunity to advance their capabilities at work. According to Doverspike et al., “affirmative action refers to policies and procedures which attempt to increase the representation of underrepresented, protected group in education and employment through the consideration in decision making of applicant race, sex, or other protected group status.” Hence, employers should utilize affirmative action plans more often because they are effective in addressing diversity issues in the workplace. All forms of discrimination in the workplace should be addressed by affirmative action plans, which help to avoid conflicts in the workplace and ensure a positive working environment that contributes to higher employee performance and productivity. Affirmative action is effective in increasing diversity in the workplace and its benefits override the imperfections associated with it. Before I begin let me define what I mean when I reference the term affirmative action. Affirmative action has been defined as “a public or…

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