Essay about Affirmative Action And Its Effect On The Workplace

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In utopia, when all things are equal and if all had equal opportunities there will be no question of quota. Reservation or a quota in India and Affirmative action in United States do have lot in common. Affirmative action is a way to make sure that diversity is maintained in schools and in the workplace. In India reservation is the process of facilitating a person in education, scholarship, jobs, and in promotion who has category certificates based on caste.

Affirmative action in the US, is the policy of giving special consideration to minorities and women. These policies are used in trying to prevent discrimination and to level the playing field. They are used in a variety of different situations. There are many reasons given by supporters why affirmative action to be used. To reverse the negative effects caused by years of discrimination. To make sure minorities are represented at schools and in the workforce. To create an equal opportunity for everyone by helping those individuals with a disadvantage. Discrimination continues to deny opportunities to minorities and women to this day. Diversity creates a better learning and work environment. How it is not helping and where is it impacting. But many times it is action is reverse discrimination.

Reservation in India is a form of affirmation action designed to improve the well-being of the perceived backward and underrepresented communities in India. A common form of racial discrimination in India was the practice of…

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