Affirmative Action : A Violation Of Social Justice Essay

780 Words Jun 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Racism and sexism has led to minorities being treated unfairly “by placing obstacles in their paths toward achieving meaningful lives” (Wall, p. 203). This treatment is a violation of social justice. Affirmative action programs aimed at helping women and minorities to rectify this injustice are seen as preferential treatment and reverse discrimination. Proponents argue that this preferential treatment is necessary in order to help correct the effects of past discrimination of minorities and women by eliminating inequalities. Critics believe that preferential treatment is just as immoral as the social injustices affirmative action programs are trying to eliminate and that everyone should be treated as equals. Job applicants and those applying for colleges should be judged based on their skills and qualifications rather than race or sex. Both proponents and critics have ethically compelling arguments which support their positions, but which should be considered the most morally sound?
Identify the Problem With affirmative action laws, equal opportunity results in the preferential treatment of one group at the expense of other groups. Is it morally appropriate to treat one group differently from the other (i.e., put one groups happiness above the other)? Are minorities and women entitled to this preferential treatment as a just and fair means to rectify past discrimination on their ancestors? Do businesses, colleges, and governments have the moral responsibility to try to…

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