Essay about Affects of Fifo on Psychological Wellbeing

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Subjective Experience to a Survey on
The Psychological Impact of Fly in Fly out (FIFO) Lifestyle

Imagine if you will being in an environment where the vast majority of the people around you have broken marriages, lost access to their children and or money due to the impact of their fly in fly out (FIFO) lifestyle. Over my 5 year FIFO mining career I have heard countless stories from my co-workers of heartbreak and sadness. Based on these real life examples and large subject pool spanning many years in the industry I have developed strong opinions on this particular subject matter. I recently took part in an online survey being conducted at CQU. I perceived the purpose of this survey was to try to find the impact that
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It also establishes the subconscious emotional attachment to the survey. The survey went on to identifying relationship status and then further on to life and relationship satisfaction. The way in which the survey was constructed did not allow the participant to communicate how they were feeling at the time. The survey utilized a scale asking the participant to describe how they felt on a range from strong agreement to strong disagreement, which I believed was trying to provoke an emotional response. The questions were general and only touched on certain areas, not going in-depth about the different ways in which FIFO impacts the psychological wellbeing of the worker and their families. I believe this survey should have explored this further for the study to have collected any kind of significant data as a basis for successful lifelong learning.
My approach to this survey may have been somewhat swayed due to having basic theoretical knowledge behind the science of psychology, having previously studied Social Foundations in Psychology. However, having recently studied Motivation and Emotion and also Personality (Burton, Westen, & Kowalski, 2012) I was looking for whether the questions were either targeting the motivation and emotion behind why the target participants chose to live the FIFO lifestyle or if they sought to discover the personalities of the participants. Applying my basic understanding of psychology and the

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