Advocating for the Homeless Essay

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Advocating for the Homeless
Advocating for the homeless population in Sacramento, California can be a trying and daunting task for any individual person or organization. The number of homeless people is the community is staggering. Getting services to the people is another task. This paper will address the meaning of advocating for the homeless and some of the barriers to providing service to that community. This paper will also discuss this writer’s personal perspective and what tactics she would use to advocate for the homeless in her community. This paper will also include a brief accounting of how homelessness affects her field of work.
Merriam-Webster describes the definition of advocate as “one that pleads the cause of another”
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For this writer’s perspective there are certain things that neeed to be changed. Funding needs to be more available to people who are homeless. If the city would provide funding to fix all of the abandoned housing that we see everywhere, the homeless might have a better chance at a place to go. The city could take what is an eye-sore to the community, fix it up, and house those unfortunate people who have become hommeless. More of the free clinics opening to help these people get the right medical attention they need would also help. The city must take action when it comes to policies of the police department. A change of them confiscating personal property of a homeless person would be a good start. In order to get these services to this population, this writer would go into one of the sub-communities that are developed and try to raise awareness of the services available to them. Waiting for the homeless to come in to get services is a futile effort if they are unaware that services exist.
For the human service professional, advocating for the homeless can be a very difficult task. Getting services to those who need it, breaking down some of the barriers that come with the population, and changing some perspectives on the subject are just a few of the ways homelessness affects not only the human service professional, but the entire communnity as a whole. The homeless

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