Advocacy Of Mental Illness : Defeating Stigma And Improving The Healthcare System

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Daniel Elia
College Writing II
Professor Bellinson

Advocacy in Mental Illness: Defeating Stigma and Improving the Healthcare System
When pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed his airliner into the Alps, killing the 150 passengers on board, people were confused as to his motivations. Investigators went through his records and found that he had been taking neuroleptic medication, and to some extent that they had been involved in the outcome of the incident. Similarly, James Homes, who was behind the rampage murders on the midnight release of Batman, defense lies on that he was insane, and that his medications may have prompted a psychotic episode. These faces of evil are tied not just to their crimes, but to their illnesses and medications. This correlates with the establishment of stigma for the mentally ill. These effects dull the purposes in care and the life of those suffering from mental illness. I know from personal experience that mental illness is a concern, and one that may not reach the appropriate levels of society’s grace. Furthermore, the current healthcare system fails to manage those with mental illness effectively. Part of this lies to the universal effects of stigma. For the improvement of the mentally ill, society must change its misperceptions of mental illness and it’s following stigma, and major improvements must be made to the mental healthcare system.

The creation of Stigma and barriers to the mentally ill
By the theory of social Stigmatization, individuals of…

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