Advertising And Marketing Of America Essay

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America is one of the most developed nations of the world. This aspect includes technology and how advanced it has become over the past few decades. One of the main uses technology is best and known for is advertising and marketing. Advertisement is very useful to large cooperation’s, it gets their products acknowledged by the public. When they release products like candy, chips, fast foods, and other snacks one if the first places you will see them at is on your television screen. However, America has faced crippling adversaries regarding the general overall health of its public. Easily managing to secure its spot as toting one of the highest obesity rates, even amongst other competitively striving large nations. Through the close examination of this widespread phenomena, what could help us deter such an easily preventable occurrence? Specifically since there are large cost associated with treating obesity acquired and born ailments. The causes of obesity in America are wide spread and imbedded into our very lifestyles far more than we acknowledge or recognize.
Consuming millions of pounds of absurd snacks, such as: Chips, Carbonated drinks, fried foods, Candy, etc. The consumption of such deficient nutritional foods has been instilled in young minds to be customary and acceptable. The technique they use has been working greatly using their persuasion and popularity to their advantage. One of the most commonly notorious enforcers is Advertisement Company’s. Creating…

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