Essay about Advertising Analysis : It 's Time

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While I sitting on the couch watching TV and grading, an advertisement for Uber popped across my TV. The advertisement was remarkable in a few ways. First rather than trying to encourage consumers to use their product, it was recruiting employees. Second, the campaign was built around the slogan “get your side hustle on.” I focus on two different ads for Uber. The first titled “It 's Time,” features a montage of clips of various individuals driving for Uber. The voice over tells the story of their increased earnings. The commercial opens with the question “what if your car could make you money?,” promises “extra cash whenever you feel like driving,” and notes that “you might already have a great job, but this is a new way to earn.”
While this ad features Uber as an easy way to increasing income outside of one’s job – which it delineates between by calling the former “earnings” and the latter “work,” the second commercial focuses more on the enjoyment of driving. Titled “earning/chilling” this ad follows a driver whose life jumps between “earning,” “working,” and “chilling.”
The commercial shows their work as teaching – a profession that is notoriously underpaid. The remainder of the commercial jumps between images of leisure accompanied by the word “chilling” and driving scenes with the word “earning.” Not only does Uber free the driver to “chill” as needed, but the driving itself is portrayed as exciting and fun. The driver dances to music, laughs with passengers, and…

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