Advertisement Of The Fashion Industry Essay

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Every generation has a set of beliefs that they admire and value for what it truly means to be beautiful. Back in our ancestor’s era, their interpretation for beautiful was the ideal women with large hips and breasts, a voluptuous woman such as America’s sweet heart, Marilyn Monroe. But in today’s 21st century, it is impossible to ignore the twig models on magazines, TV, and billboards. This has influenced many young girls’ ages ranging from fourteen to mid-twenties. Take in mind that the perfect woman that men desire are thin women. If these women feel like they do not live up to these expectations, then they see themselves as fat pigs. In order to understand Advertising, we need to understand the history and the great impact it made throughout the years. Because the advertisements of the Fashion Industry lead to negative impacts on teenager, several actions should be taken by the public in order to create awareness of these harmful effects.
Advertising has been a modern invention covering only about a century. But how would you define advertisings? According to the article “Truth in Advertising,” written by Stephanie Clifford, she defines that in legal terms, advertisings can be defined as a commercial speech, which is a speech that is spoken on behalf of a person or company with the sole purpose of making a profit from it. As stated in the article “The Hard Sell: Advertising in America” by Bill Bryson, advertising was already a well-established phenomenon by the turn of…

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