Advertisement Of African Mango Diet Product Essay example

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Advertisement of African Mango Diet Product Today, many peoples in the world is obesity caused by bad eating habit. An obesity people exposed to many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high-cholesterol, and they get a fatty liver. We all know that thin people are healthier and also looking good, so people like to lose weight as quickly as possible. Daily exercise is not easy to do and we like to find easier way to lose weight, so many people looking for diet products that lose their weight without exercise, or they do exercise while they are taking diet pills for quick results. We easily see advertisements of diet pills in magazines, Newspaper, TV commercial. Many different companies are producing diet pills, and they are promoting that their pills are the best by showing us many proofs. One of the diet pill that I found on the magazine is African Mango product. African Mango product is made of natural fruit mango. This product advertisement had good information to promote to consumers. African Mango is for any males and females in the world who wants to lose weight except children or under age 18. The price is not too high or low, so it is for low and middle class people. The company can ship it to any country; free shipping for United States.
The concept of an advertisement of African Mango is a natural and healthy African. The typefaces are organic than geometric. The color and pattern of the female model’s cloth is matches with a…

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