Essay on Advertisement Of A Advertisement On Women 's Magazine

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Today, everything is sexy. There is nothing sexier than something that is not sexy at all right? It is too common today for companies to sexualize objects and people in attempt to sell a product that is oftentimes unrelated to sex altogether. In GQ Men’s Magazine, one three-part ad for Axe shower gel seems to have coined the phrase “sex sells.” While Shower soap is usually not seen in a provocative sense, the advertising manager of Axe brand chose to target male readers of any age with a carnal softness and desire for sex by sexualizing the product. Promising the user of Axe shower gel sexual pleasure, the ad is misleading and vulgar. Axe brand’s use of a subliminal message to appeal to its audience is simply obscene. Each part of the overtly-sexual, three-part Axe ad depicts a nude male model using Axe brand shower gel on the left and a just-as-naked woman, in the same position as the man, portrayed in a much more provocative way on the right. In the first part of the three-part ad, the man sensually pours axe shower gel over his body while the woman on the right mirrors his position but instead of pouring liquid soap onto her body, she is shown squirting just enough whipped cream on her chest to cover her breasts. In the second part, the man rubs the gel onto his back while the woman, again in the same position, ties a corset onto herself. In the third and final part, the man is pictured lathering on the shower gel with a back scrubber while the woman, imitating the man…

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