Advertisement as a Cultural Product Values, Practises and Cultural Symbols Reproduced in the Japanese Commercials

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Abstract This paper explores the most important aspects of Japanese advertising, both economic and cultural. The presentation consists of two main parts. First we will have a quick look at the data on the structure and organisation of the advertising industry and on the forms of advertisement transmission. Than a short history of consumerism and advertising will help us to determine it’s specific characteristics and main trends. Basing on the television advertising and on a interview with the leading japanese advertising agency i show the most commonly used motifs connected with the Japanese culture, that is concerning
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The dentsu Advertising Awards is the only general prize of this kind in Japan, which awards the winners in 10 divisions. The most important of them are the dentsu Poster Advertising Award, dentsu Sales Promotion Advertising Award, Television Spot and radio division Award. in his book about contemporary Japan, John clammer claims that the country is the most conspicuous example of mass consumption in Asia. Many factors contribute to this: Japan is one of Asia’s most populous countries, it has a population concentrated in large cities who are apparently committed to consumption as a way of life, this lifestyle is reinforced by media saturation, and particularly intense information distribution in the form of advertising. For these reasons, a company

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like dentsu had the best foundation to grow in such a fast way. neither in Germany nor in Poland would one find first such a strong position for advertising - with awards, museums or libraries committed to this subject. Also the attitude seems to be different. Whereas in Poland or in Germany the advertising is mostly considered a necessary evil, advertising in Japan is fully integrated with show business and society in general. The main reason for this, as seen in many researches, is the appearance of celebrities, idols or popular talents. According to a study conducted by a Japanese marketing research

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