Adversity In I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

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Adversity, a word that simply means bad luck or a bad situation. Imagine being an eight year old African American girl living in the south in the year of 1969, that alone is a bad situation. In the novel I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings written by Maya Angelou, Marguerite Ann Johnson is the eight year old girl that goes through countless hardships. She was moved from Arkansas to Missouri, to multiple cities in California, from living with her grandma to her mother then to her father then back to her mother. Marguerite doesn't exactly have the ideal or an easy life even for her young age. Three of the hardships that she experienced was her eighth grade graduation in Stamps. Being raped and sexually abused by a man named Mr. Freeman
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After Marguerite’s father comes to get her and her brother Bailey from Stamps, he takes them to their mother who was currently residing in St. Louis. When they get to their mother’s place they realize she has a boyfriend, his name is Mr. Freeman. She didn't realize what was happening the first time he sexually abused her. In fact she states, “I didn't want to admit I had intact liked his holding me” (Angelou, 78). She didn't realize what was going on and that's very sad that she thought she was comfortable. After he later raped her just days after she later stated, “The act of rape on an eight year old body...” (Angelou, 78). She was so young, and he was a sick enough man to rape his girlfriend's child. This is a very significant event that she went through, she will never have that innocence back that was blatantly stolen from …show more content…
Marguerite got confused and believed she was a hermaphrodite or a lesbian. She consulted her mom about it after thinking something was growing on her. Her mom simply stated, “He gave you me to be my girl and that's just what you are” (Angelou, 278). Marguerite realized she wasn't a hermaphrodisme but still slightly believed she was possibly a lesbian. A day or two later she was out and about and said, “I planned a chart for seduction with surprise as my opening ploy” (Angelou 281). She ended up finding a random guy she found attractive walking by and asked her to hook up with her. She realized she wasn't a lesbian but at the end of the chapter she also realized she was pregnant. She stated in the book “Three weeks later, having thought very little on the strange and strangely empty night, I found myself pregnant” (Angelou 283). She kept the baby of course but little did she know that a simple exploration would land her in that

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