Advanting Three Challenges Of Social Media In Healthcare

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Technology has been advancing rapidly in recent years. Society has been relying on technology for providing care and improving methods on how efficiently clients are being treated. According to Piscotty, a major challenge that nurses are facing is the demand of providing safe and quality care while still being efficient and cost effective in the workplace through the use of technology. While there are many advantages of technology, there also comes disadvantages that people have to consider, such as the impact it has on privacy and patient care. Balancing the enhanced communication opportunities provided by social media with the downside of increased distraction in an educational environment is also a challenge. Unfortunately, standards guiding …show more content…
Nurses are accountable for understanding social media platforms and guidance. Some of the advantages of social media and smartphones in healthcare is that through their smartphones they can easily download apps related to healthcare to blog and communicate with other colleagues and to listen to experts regarding patient issues and how to provide efficient nursing care. Another major advantage of social media is that healthcare professionals can provide patient teaching through the use of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or any other media source. By educating the community they can enhance people 's lives and provide teaching about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. According to Farrelly, studies show that some physicians are using social media to enhance communication with patients. Smartphone and social media use in healthcare have tremendous potential for providing valuable information to other healthcare professionals, and the ability for nurses to interact with other colleagues around the world. Three major disadvantages are that information about a person can be easily published in media and this is when problems arise. In fact, over the past few years, there have been numerous reports of physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers “posting” patient information (Ventola, 2014). Online comments made by nurses or nursing blogs discussing patients also causes ethical dilemmas. Although some nurses may not be identifying patients they might describe someone who another nurse might recognize. Another major issue is the use of smartphones in the workplace, healthcare professionals are so invested in social media and keeping up to date

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