Advantages Of Weather Forecasting

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Measurement Applications

 There are many different kinds of measurement applications like:
Weather stations are equipment (it can either be on land or in the sea) with tools that can measure the atmosphere and give us information about the upcoming weather; the information they collect are: temperature, wind speed, humidity, and wind direction and this is how weather forecasters take their information. Weather forecasting can predict how the weather is going to be by measuring the present weather, however, there are disadvantages and advantages for this:
 Advantages:
1. We can dress according to the weather
2. We will be warned or notified earlier
3. We can plan our events for specific dates because we will have an idea about the weather
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Sometimes there isn’t a sufficient warning source
 Why are weather stations useful for us?
Local councils can use these weather stations to better prepare if there is a bad weather condition somewhere like: heavy rain, snow, snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami etc.

Weather balloons it is a balloon which carries a device upward to send information back to us on atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity; they have more complex tools than weather stations and they can be located all around the globe.
Measuring patient’s vital signs in a hospital: many hospitals are now using computer systems to log and store the patients data. These are some steps that are taken:
1. The sensors will read the vital signs (e.g. like pulse rate, heart rate, temperature etc.)
2. The data from the sensors are converted from analogue into digital using ADC (analogue digital converter)
3. The data is then stored in the computer’s memory
4. Computers then compare the data from the sensors with values stored in its memory ( the doctor will input the data )
5. The results are produced on the screen in the form of graphs or numerical readouts.
6. An alarm will be set off if any of the data is not
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MRI machines are used for scanning abnormal things like: tumors, stroke in the brain, infections and it can even pick up diseases in the neck or the spine.
Measuring pollution in rivers: this is what happens when a computer is used to detect the pollution in the river:
1. Sensors will be placed in two different positions in the river so that a pollution comparison can be made
2. Data is then converted from analogue into digital using an ADC
3. Computer stores the data that was received
4. Oxygen and acidity levels are compared to the data stored In memory
5. The oxygen and acidity levels in the two different positions are compared to see if they are the same-we use this to see if we can find the source of the problem
The main question we are asking is that why do we use monitors instead of people, and here is why:
 The sensors readings are more accurate than people
 Readings can be taking more frequently ( means sensors can take readings in a second )
 Computers don’t get tired, they can take measurements all day without a break
 We don’t have to hire

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