Minimum Wage Rejection

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Rejection for Higher Minimum Wage
Minimum wage workers deserve minimum wage the way it is now. If the government raises minimum wage then it will just cause the cost of living to go up and decrease the value of the dollar. If minimum wage is increased, then everybody’s wages would eventually rise too and then minimum wage workers would continue to ask for more money because they would end up at the bottom of the chain again. Most people benefitting from a wage increase are not even in poverty. Minimum wage is a good amount right now considering that the amount of people making minimum wage who earned an income at or below the poverty was only 2.7% (Palumbo). Opposing sides say that raising minimum wage would decrease unemployment and that
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This policy would provide higher wages for almost seventeen million workers. Although, the only people benefitting from this would be the adult working class. Supporters also say eleven million workers would see a wage increase and raising minimum wage would give a boost to low wage workers. Studies showed that with an increase to twelve dollars, 89% of people older than twenty would benefit and 56% of them would be women. One supporting example of higher minimum wage working is that California sales outpace all other states and they pay tipped workers the minimum wage plus tips. Some people argue that small businesses cannot afford to pay a higher wage but three out of five small business owners support a wage increase. Business owners say that more money in workers pockets will lead to an increase in the purchasing of goods that will boost our economy. One common myth about raising minimum wage is that it will not increase if congress does not change it. Congress sets the minimum wage but does not keep up with inflation. Since the cost of living is always going up, the minimum wage value is decreasing the second it is set. There has not been a minimum wage increase since 2011 (“Minimum Wage …show more content…
Supporters say it will help the economy but the facts just are not there. A minimum wage increase will only help a handful of people and the people it will help are not the people who need it. What people do not realize about increasing wages is that it will raise the cost of living at an even faster rate. An increase will also make the value of the dollar go down and there will be inflation, causing the cost of goods to go up, making a minimum wage increase irrelevant because workers will be right back to where they started. Higher wages will make it harder for people to get jobs and that is not helping the unemployment issue. There is no need to raise the wages because the people suffering are not the people making minimum wage, but the people without jobs. If congress can find a way to decrease unemployment then that will help poverty levels, but raising minimum wage is not the way to do

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