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The oxidizer is an another basic ingredient of solid propellant which produces high energy during combustion of composite solid propellants, which can be referred to as the substance that whose function is the oxidizing materials or supply of oxygen for deflagration of a propellant. Ammonium perchlorate (AP) is the most commonly used oxidizer in solid propellant applications, which replaced Potassium Perchlorate in the late 1940’s. AP was used as an oxidizer in various types of propellants. The most important advantages of AP’s widespread use are its ability to control a propellant’s burning rate, its good properties like being compatible with other propellant ingredients, having good performance and quality and also being
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Firstly, the requirement of oxidizer is that it should easily decompose as and while required to produce necessary oxidizing elements to maximize the energy release from the reaction. The oxidizer should have high heat of formation, high oxygen content, good thermal stability, high density, low cost and low hygroscopicity. Compatibility with other ingredients is another significant requirement. The oxidizer also acts as reinforcement and strongly influences the rheological, mechanical and interfacial properties of the propellant. The shape and particle size distribution of the oxidizer require effective control, as it affects the performance characteristics and processing of the …show more content…
As the gases expand, the pressure rises and forces the exhaust gases to escape from the nozzle. This is known as exit velocity. The elevated exit velocity, in turn, raises the specific impulse of the motor [7]. Besides Al, boron is used as metal fuel. Boron is a high energy fuel with lighter weight than Al, but it cannot be burned very efficiently in combustion chamber. However, it can be combusted considerably efficient if it has very small particle size also the problem for boron is that it is too expensive relative to Al when compared to performance. Beryllium is another metal fuel applied in solid propellant applications. It can easily be burnt, but because of its toxicity beryllium is not

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