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With regards to control methods that Martini has adopted, the management provides service trainings for every new employee so as to standardise the work flow daily. Franco stated that “new employees are given about a week to 10 days training”. During this training period, they are given direct supervision and allowed to observe the running of the business so as to not be lost. During this period, the employees are encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them and to burden themselves with pressure and responsibilities to prepare them for the real work. Additionally, owners have a meeting every morning to discuss the previous day problems and go through the daily schedule for the day to prepare them as well as prepare the relevant employee on what to expect for the day. Not every day might be the same hence they meet every morning before the restaurant opens so as to ensure a smooth flow of operation for the day. The management also ensure that every employee is in the right track of mind and health before starting their day for their own safety.
To add on, one of the main reason why Martini’s quality is indisputable is to do with their food. They ensure that the standard of whatever is being made is consistent so as to retain their customer’s loyalty, trust and
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Although this could raise the storage costs for businesses, many businesses still prefer this method to prevent dissatisfaction in customers. This idea is known as Inventory Control where it is the management of stocks to meet the demands of both internal and external parties (Bennett, Lewis and Oakley,

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