Advantages Of Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Transportation
When driving the coast lines near large shipping ports the use of intermodal transportation can be an impressive sight, especially as a young child. Those who grew up along coastlines as can recall seeing these massive containers scattered about closely resembling large Lego bricks. The ease and stack ability intermodal containers bring to the logistics environment allows for fluidity in shipment around the globe. The popularity of intermodal containerization is to no surprise given the simplicity it allows for diverse markets around the globe to trade with one another. Intermodal transportation brings the advantage of interchanging methods which cargo transitions with near seamless ease. Even though intermodal
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With the advent of intermodal transportation in addition to containerization, a plethora of positive outcomes resulted in the logistics industry. While new techniques accompany a wealth of pros, they also accompany cons as well. First off, the pros gained from intermodal transportation on the surface exist as obvious advantages in ease of transition between various platforms of transportation, most notably however is the simplistic method of arranging as well as organizing cargo on ships. Intermodal transportation allows for a sense of uniformity moreover cleanliness to the organization of massive amounts of …show more content…
The benefits of this modern technology however, incorporate many smaller advantages which further make for an impressive part of the logistics process. To no surprise, many of the products consumed in the United States come from China. While the process of transporting these goods via ship to the western seacoast of North America appear as simple as loading on a ship and distributing from there into the stores, the practice of intermodal transportation allows for the rail industry to play a major part in this process. Smaller items which are transported via air, such as mail can then find their way into postal delivery vehicles across the nation due to intermodal transport on a smaller scale. As long as global trade exists, the use for intermodal transportation methods will remain an imperative part of the logistics industry due to the fact it is more than just a technology rather a process in

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