Advantages Of European Conquest Of The America

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European Conquer of the America’s

European conquering of the Americas was made possible with the technological advances the Europeans had at the time of arriving in the New World. The Spaniards and Portuguese employed such resources as the use of the steel sword, armor, muskets and cannons against the native’s bows and arrows and wooden clubs. Use of the horse in battle gave the Europeans an advantage over the native’s since they feared the animal. European culture gave them an advantage since they recorded and passed down detailed information and knowledge including navigation, technology and conquest of the New World and of Native people of the region. The European desire to find new land and search of treasures gave them an aggressive
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The use of navigation allowed for Europeans to travel the coast of the new region and explorer while conquering most of the new land. This recorded information allowed for future exploration to occur with less resistance since they had an ability to know if the local people accepted the Europeans as a friend or an enemy. Pass down of knowledge greatly aided the Europeans ability to conquer the New World.
“Lured by their insatiable appetite for gold, Spanish conquistadors quickly fanned out from Tenochtitlan in search of other sources of treasure”. The Spanish conquistadors’ concept of war favored them. Spaniards sought total victory in battle by destroying their enemy’s. Spaniards fueled by the search for gold and other treasures while exploring the new land with the intent to conquer the region for Spain gave the Spaniards an aggressive approach over the Native people. It was not until it was too late that the Native’s realized this was a fight for
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Hundreds of thousands of other Natives helped Cortes efforts by not aiding the Mexicans’ forces. These efforts lead to the failing of the Mexican empire.
Lord Jeffrey Amherst was commanding general of British forces in North America during the final battles of the French and Indian war (1754-1763). Jeffrey Amherst’s name became tarnished by stories of smallpox-infected blankets used as germ warfare against the Native Americans. Smallpox was already rapidly depleting the population of Native Americans by this point in time. Once it was known that the Natives’ could be killed off without going to battle it became clear to the invading forces of a new means of eliminating the

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