Advantages And Objectives Of Best Buy

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Register to read the introduction… With the right technology, people can do amazing things. But it’s still a little too complex. Everyone needs help to make the most of it. At Best Buy, we think you deserve: The latest devices, and networks all in one place. Best buy provides informed and impartial device, the commitment to be there for the life of the product, straightforward pricing, and the ability to shop when you want where you want. Marketing will be guided by this mission to provide a great price that are advertised and stood by 100%.
3.2 Marketing Objectives 1. Brand identity and value proposition Our varied phone selection is part of the beauty of Best Buy Mobile. Unlike carrier stores, which offer just one service in their location, we gather together in one place—and offer to our customers—several contract carriers, as well as a dozen different pre-paid providers. What makes us different is what makes us better. This abundance of technologies gives our customers a better choice of phones and
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The tactical pricing strategy is offering blowout discounts on specific items to entice customers and this promotional strategy has worked well. Best Buy Mobile uses the tactical pricing strategy because it specifies the marketing tactics, including product features, promotion, merchandising, pricing, sales channels, and service. Everyone loves a sale and everyday pricing works for companies like Walmart but the customer service of the everyday low price suffers. People come to Best Buy for the advertised sales and usually do not mind the extra they might pay for additional items not on sale because of the customer service. We help them leave the store setup and we offer additional services on certain products in the home. Our Walk out Working program gives customer the additional support they need and they seek us out for the sale prices and customer service. We offer price matching services to help customer get exactly what they want for the price they want and the service that they have come to expect. The standard pricing is on all items in the store except for the sale items which are advertised including cell …show more content…
Promotional pricing for cell phones are in the weekly ad divided by carrier to offer great prices for phones with or without a contract. Accessories are also shown in the weekly ad as sale items and sometimes all are not in the weekly ad but are priced for a sale within the store. Open box item are discounted to sell since the item has been opened to give customers alternative options for better pricing. Clearance items are in bins around the store for items that are being discontinued and the store will no longer carry. Promotional item and sale items will be advertised and priced each week to run every Sunday to Saturday. Open box item are periodically priced if there is an abundance of items that have been opened for various reasons and not purchased. Clearance items are pulled monthly for their end of life within the store and are sold at a deep discount. Items that are purchased based on the pricing

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