Advantages And Limitations Of Overcoming The Evolution Of TDABC

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Evolution of TDABC
In 1998 Kaplan (1998) claimed that, if ABC was not successful in an organization, it could simply be explained by poor management of the ABC project. But in 2004 Kaplan & Anderson have suggested that many organizations were abandoning their ABC model because the costs were too high and employees were irritated.
Further Kaplan also recognized that ABC was very difficult to implement. Hence they proposed TDABC in order to overcome the difficulties presented in ABC systems [10] .
6 Case Studies
A Web-based literature review was conducted in order to identify relevant articles. The existing literature on
TDABC is summarized based on type of industry used, advantages and limitation. It is given
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Sherratt [19] TDABC is limited to predetermined routines and activities
Gervais et al. [20] Accuracy is debatable if staff reports their times when it is not
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Difficulties of estimating time for non-continuous or unpredictable activities Table 2: Limitation of TDABC
7 Application criteria
Applicability of TDAC is dependent on the availability of data. Following are the condition for application of
 When you know the exact number of work hours and material quantities required
 When you know precisely which attributes have cost effect there are many cost drivers
 When you know exactly how drivers influence cost
8 Comparative Analysis of ABC & TDABC
It is difficult to assert, which cost method is better, because it depends on the actual condition in the firm, legislation in the particular country, type of company, product, entrepreneurial environment. Table 3 summarizes all main aspects of both methods.
View point of
Character of factors for assign of costs. Cost drivers
The method works with number

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