Advantages And Disadvantages Of Scientific Knowledge

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1.4. What is “scientific knowledge?” How does it differ from knowledge acquired “unconsciously?” What is “Scientific Method?” What basic assumption underlies the use of Scientific Method?
Scientific Knowledge is knowledge that has been systematically gathered, classified, related, and interpreted. It is concerned with learning the concepts and applying those concepts to particulars, rather than just learning a vast amount of information. Primitive peoples acquired much of their knowledge unconsciously, just as we today still begin the use of our native language and acquire many of the basic elements in our culture unconsciously. For the most part, they accepted the world as they found it, and if any explanations seemed called for, they invented
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What are the advantages AND disadvantages of the interdisciplinary approach to the study of many social problems? Provide two examples.
Modern industrial societies and their problems are becoming increasingly complex, and because not one person today can master all the social sciences, growing emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary approach to many social problems. For some problems, such as those surrounding pollution, it may be necessary to call in, say, a physical scientist, a geologist, and an engineer. But in facing all of these problems, the need for educated people who have a broad sense of problems and interrelationships- who understand the need for a unified social science- is also becoming more and more evident.

9.2. Why has religion had such a strong appeal to humans and human society from earliest
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Anti-Semitism is feelings of hatred and dislike toward Jews
2. Apostles is the twelve close associates who were to be his chief aides and who were to carry on his ministry after his death.
3. Caste System is the priestly hierarchs and ritual, and idolatry.
4. Civil Religion refers to religious beliefs that lead people to want to live by the laws of the land.
5. Jihad is striving.
6. Messiah is the expected deliverer of the Jews and for a messianic age in which the king Dom of eternal peace will prevail and all evil impulses will be removed from the hut heart.
7. Monotheistic Religion is religions with one god.
8. Nirvana is a state in which all desire and even all consciousness is lost.
9. Pogroms are organized massacres.
10. Protestant Ethic is the theory that God expects good Christians to work hard, to save, to invest their savings, and to show business initiative.
11. Qur’an is the holy scriptures of the Muslims.
12. Reformation is the Protestant revolt against traditional Catholicism, which began in 1517 when Martin Luther posted his call for reform on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany.
13. Religion is the relationship between man and the superhuman power he believes in and feels himself to be dependent

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