History Of Scandinavia Cuisine

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Scandinavia Cuisine

The Scandinavian countries include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. These countries are located north of the Baltic and North seas, except Denmark and Iceland, and they share common borders. The population of the Scandinavia is mostly concentrated in the warmer south regions. The harsher northern areas extend above the Arctic Circle.
Sweden has different climate zones. It has the widest range of agriculture that is concentrated in the south. It produces wheat, rapeseed, sugar beet, barley and oats. Norway has a wild mountainous terrain and a long coastline and that results sea fish being the staple diet, supplemented by reindeer. Denmark agriculture is oriented towards dairy products, pork and
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In modern time, Scandinavia exports salt dried fish all over the world. Gravlax; dill cured salmon, lox; smoked salmon, and pickled herring are among the famous dishes of the region. In Denmark, butter and cream are used widely. Many Danish dishes are topped with white sauce made with milk and chopped parsley, like roast bacon and herring. Fermented dairy products are consumed throughout Scandinavia. Sour cream complements a lot of dishes such as soups, sauces and dressings, and potatoes. Fish is also served with sour cream in many dishes such as fried trout or herring.
Denmark is famous for its cheese, like the semi-firm mellow, nutty-tasting Tybo, firm Danbo, and Danish blue cheese. Norwegian well-known cheeses are Jarlsberg; a Swiss-style cheese, and brunost; sweet cheese made from a mixture of cow's and goat's milk. Cheese is eaten all days in breakfast, sandwiches and as a
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Pork is common in the southern regions. Veal is more consumed than beef. Mutton and lamb can be found in stews and roasts. They are also dried or salt-cured then served as thin slices. In the northern regions reindeer is raised and consumed. Poultry is not popular there, but raised for its eggs. The meatballs dish served with cream gravy is a famous Swedish dish. Frikadeller is famous Danish dish consisting of ground pork and veal patties, breadcrumbs and onion fried in butter. Norwegian well-know kjøttkaker is composed of minced beef cakes seasoned with ginger that are pan-fried then boiled.
Scandinavians eat a lot of vegetables, like onions, cabbage, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery root, turnips, and leeks which are cold weather vegetables and widely available. Vegetables used to be served cooked, but nowadays a lot of fresh salads are popular. Fruits are also consumed widely, such as apples, prunes, cherries and different kinds of berries. Lingonberries are famous and are made into jam that is served with

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