Advantages And Disadvantages Of In Vitro Fertilization

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What is IVF? In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a procedure in which egg are are taken from women ovaries . In order for them to be fertilized by sperm in a laboratory procedure . The return to the woman 's uterus as a fertilized egg. ( Retrived 3 September)

What is PGD?
.PGD Is when embryos which are going to be used in vitro fertilization are screen for known single gene genetic disorders such as Huntington’s Disease. The process of screening the embryos is Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) fertility powerpoint

Why is the use of PGD a socio- scientific issue?
The use of PGD is a socio-scientific issue due to the social ethical acceptability. As PGD is screening
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In New Zealand it is legal screen embryos for genetic disorder plus sex selection if it is to avoid a genetic disease .
(Alsamarai, 2006)

For PGD to occur two main stages need to happen stage one is IFV and PGD . IFV is carried to get the embryos required for screening this is done in 6 different stages stage 1 is Ovarian stimulation. This is done to make sure there is enough mature eggs for screening. Fertility drugs are used to create multiple ovarian follicles into maturing a number eggs instead of just one . Stage 2 is egg collection is carried out by a needle introduced through the vagina into the ovaries guided by as ultrasound into each of the follicle where a agg and follicular fluid are removed this process will be repeated until all the mature eggs have been collected. This would usually take up to 15 minutes and be done under local anaesthesia. Stage 3 fertilization . An embolization team will add the partner sperm to the eggs where they will be left
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An economic social implication is the cost to have IVF and PGD. Enviromental is an implication Of IFV and PGD due to assabilty as it is not yet globally available and usually only offered in the main centres of the country such as New Zealand were Christchurch ,Hamilton, Wellington and Auckland are the only clinic that offers them. In New Zealand when …….... some cells form the embryos have to be sent to Australia due to new Zealand not having as advance technology available. Couples are having to traveling to get their treatment which is added to the coast and stress . Ethics is a significant implication to PGD and IVF as it it is a very diabtal issue whether it is humanly ethical to carry out the pruccgers. As many people believe that life begins at conception and that destroying an embryo is murdering a person. .Another major issue resulting from PGD is it is dicramting against those living with disabilities. As the disbites rights adcest are concerned about the process that eliminate people with so called “diabetes” with so many people living full lives with disabilities .PGD is screening for diseases which only affect the person when they reach 30 or 40 years of age. By the time the baby has reach this age a cure may have been find. which means due to PGD there are discarding embryos which are perfectly healthy . “ Take for example Down Syndrome children. This is one of the genetic disorders

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