Personal Statement: A Career In Psychology

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Psychology in general, just as it is described by dictionaries and textbooks, is the scientific study of the human mind, how this organ works, the processes it performs and how it affects our behavior. Psychologists seek to have the understanding of the human mind, and to be able to explain complex mental processes, such as thoughts, as well as feelings and emotions, problems, disorders, etc. But what exactly does a psychologist do? Psychologists help a wide variety of patients and can treat many types of problems. Some people consult a psychologist because they have felt depressed, angry, or anxious for a long time. Others, because they want help with a chronic disorder that interferes with their lives or their physical health. Psychologists …show more content…
I choose this area of study because it is backed by my strengths, which are: I am an attentive/active listener, abstract thinker and analyst, reflective, I have also high attention to detail, among others. Also this career agrees with my interests such as those that appeared in the Smarter measure assessment, because in reality I have a passion to analyze whether they are situations or people, I like to understand the why of things, in this case the why behind a person, also I have a great passion for learning and scientific processes in this case for …show more content…
Some of them are that you will learn to understand the already complex human mind, which, if it already helps you at a professional level, will also do it on a personal level, since it gives you the knowledge to better handle conflicting situations and / or problems that May arise with other people in your environment; You have a great variety of fields or areas in which you can focus, you can be a great contribution to society by offering your services as they can even save lives, among other advantages. The disadvantages are mainly the great burden of long hours of study, the large number of graduates, which means a lot of competition when you receive and competition in the field of work, loss of social life, immerse yourself in the problems of others if you decide to be a counselor psychologist or clinical psychologist for example,

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