Becoming A Child Psychologist

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As we grow up into adulthood, we are presented with many career choices. From becoming doctors, mechanics, engineers, psychologists, or even chefs, these are a couple of the many choices that are offered to us. The only way we can be sure about what we want to do is to research our interest varying on the career choices we have chosen.
Researching our career interests help us narrow down the path we want to walk. We uncover details that we might have missed I our rush for information, or we can research in order to make sure that the career we want to pursue is the correct one for us. For example I want to become a Child Psychologist, a professionals that study the “learning patterns, behavioral developments, and environmental factors affecting
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They develop several therapeutic techniques that reflect their patient and ways that help them. Regular psychotherapy session that integrate the patient and their family is a form of these techniques. Developing Child Psychologist, or Development Psychologist, emphasize on the development of the patients’ early life and then into later in life development. Structured interviews and correlation exercises are used in order to help the patient in language skills, motor skills, cognitive function, social skills, and identity formation ( in children. Abnormal Child Psychologist are professionals that help children with issues atypical by child psychology standards. Some of these issues could be anxiety, psychopathology, sociopathy, depression, or personality disorders ( Many of this issues develop from trauma, emotional, or physical abuse ( Strong communication, patience, motivation to help others, empathy and trustworthiness (, these are only a couple of the characteristics that someone must have in order to go into this demanding …show more content…
It will be even extra hard because I will be dealing with children and adolescents. Children and teenagers tend to have a mindset that is different to adults, so it will take time and a lot of work to connect to them. Besides this drawback there is the matter of time. In order to become a child psychologist I would have to pursue my Bachelor’s, a Master’s, an internship, a Doctoral, and that is only to study and research in the career. In order for me to actually practice in any facility or practice, I would need a licensure or certificate. Even though it has a couple of drawbacks, some of the benefits of this career would be able to progress the study of the human mind and how the person can be helped in coping with the weight they carry. Feeling the satisfaction that I was able to help a person overcome or cope with what is weighing them down. Being able to connect with them in an emotional level and helping them become stronger, bolder, and more confident in themselves. Besides emotional satisfaction, there is monetary gain. The average pay in the best paying state is $105,580, and the lowest average for best paying state is $92,780, although this is in mostly expensive living areas in big states, or densely populated areas. Although the job outlook will be rising by 11% by the year

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