Advancements During The Technological Revolution Essays

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Advancements in technology have always brought massive changes to society, disrupting old jobs and patterns and creating new careers, opportunities, and possibilities. The next big technological revolution, which will be driven in large by advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, will disrupt human life as we know it, and may even destroy our notion that one

We must examine historical technological revolutions to determine the impact the AI revolution will have on human life. When human beings initially discovered farming techniques and began domesticating animals, nomadic lifestyles were replaced by civilization, creating a world where most people farmed. For thousands of years, most human toiled the land as farmers, and the success of civilizations was dependent on the fertility of the land.

The next huge wave of technological innovation ushered the agricultural revolution, where advancements in techniques and available farming equipment freed the need to have many hands working the fields. This liberation of human labor pushed people to the cities in search of jobs.

An abundance of human labor, combined with new advancements in manufacturing techniques ushered the industrial revolution. Most human beings now worked in manufacturing, rather than agriculture, resulting in growing abundance of consumer goods. Eventually, mechanical methods of production began to slowly phase out human workers as machines became cheaper due to economies of scale, freeing…

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