Essay on Adoption Should Not Be Legal

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In America, a mother and/or a father are present in a plethora of families. This has been the way families are structured for many centuries. This structure has an affect on everyone in the family, including children. Having two heterosexual parents positively benefits the children when developing mentally and emotionally. When one of the parents is absent, children develop differently than those who are in a family with both parents. If a homosexual couple decides to adopt, this puts the child in a family structure without a mother and a father. A child 's developmental stage is one of the most important in its life. It affects the child 's cognition, behavior, their personality, and more. For this reason, homosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt. Adoption should not be legal in the United States for same-sex couples who are looking to do so.
Historical Background of Same-sex Adoption Throughout history, homosexuality has cause many problems, controversies, and issues with marriage and adoption. Homosexuals have faced discrimination and hatred all throughout history. For example, sodomy was a crime before 1961 (Green, 2015). No aspect of homosexuality was legal in the United States before 1961. If sodomy was a crime, then homosexuals were not allowed to marry or adopt. They were punished legally like someone who sped or stole from a store. In addition, "a New York City bar did not serve gays and lesbians until 1966" (Green, 2015, pg. 2). Discrimination…

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