Essay about Adopting Vs. Purchasing Pets

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Adopting vs. Purchasing Pets
Walking into the cold, dark, and damp room I was speechless. Seeing all their little faces peering helplessly at me was enough to bring me to tears. I went to the very back of the room and looked into the small metal cage. It contained the tiniest, sickest, orange kitten. I immediately knew I was meant to help him. He had so many complications, I was surprised he had made it as long as he did. The first 48 hours were extremely rough, he needed as much care and attention as I could provide him. After several close calls, he started to thrive. He was starting to be playful and vivacious. It has almost been two years since that day. That sickly, tiny, orange, kitten is now a big, fluffy, beatific, and healthy cat. It is so rewarding knowing that I saved his life. A feeling in which I would never have known if I hadn 't adopted him that day two years ago. Adopting pets is often overlooked and underappreciated. Although purchasing pets may seem more convenient, adopting pets benefits everyone involved, the adopter, the animal shelter/rescue, the community, and of course, the pet itself.
Most people are unaware that adopting and purchasing pets are two very distinct things because they do share some similarities. People adopt or purchase animals for the same purpose; they want a pet. Adopting or purchasing a pet provides a person with a unique experience. Picking out the first family pet can be a very exciting, yet stressful time for a family. This…

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