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Adolf Hitler: The Man or the Monster
PSY 300

Adolf Hitler: The Man and his Demons
“One blood demands one Reich!” (Hitler, 1999). Adolf Hitler was not the man that everyone believes him to be. This paper will explain how Sigmund Freud’s theory and Carl Rogers Humanistic theory relate to Adolf Hitler and will shed light on how the two theories may have shaped him into the infamous man in history today. This paper will also hold the element of surprise and enlightenment due to information that is not regularly discussed whenever an individual hears the name Adolf Hitler. Discussion
Background Information Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1899 to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzi. He was the second youngest child
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Although he did end up becoming a messenger runner in the Bavarian Army in World War 1 and later on a propaganda speaker (Wilson, 2012). While Hitler’s young life was unconventional; he still managed to be a boy that loved art and playing war games. Which leads to the question, how did he become the man that can be considered one of the most hated?
Nature VS. Nurture
Adolf Hitler, in my belief, was shaped by the continuous rejection and abuse in his life. His father rejected not only him but his entire family, the mother that Hitler cherished. He was rejected in what he wanted the most, an education at the best art school around. To add insult to injury, he was then later on rejected to join the army because he would not make a satisfactory solider. Hitler was exposed to both moral and emotional ways of psychological development through his experiences. All of the rejection and abuse shaped him into a person who wanted to be on the other side of the experiences he had gone through. Hitler also had experience with propaganda and was good at leading people to believe what he wanted them to. His previous experience with propaganda made it easier for him to win over the mass of people that followed his belief system. If the information I had learned was from an unknown source then I most likely would not have thought the individual would turn to mass genocide. Personality theories may be able to explain

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