Adolf Hitler Is Responsible For The Mass Murder Of Almost 40 Million People

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Adolf Hitler is responsible for the mass murder of almost 40 million people. He had a very strong sense of German pride, he resented the Treaty of Versailles and found it degrading to the Germans. Although Hitler was born in Austria, he found himself in control of the German empire, fighting to make the country a single race. From a very young age, Adolf Hitler had been interested in German nationalism.
He was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. He was the fourth child of six, his parents Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl favoured the other five children more than Adolf. He moved to Germany at the age of three, showing a very early interest in German nationalism. Adolf had a strong love for art, his father would punish him fairly often for choosing fine arts before business. When Adolf’s younger brother, Edmund, died suddenly, he became introverted and quiet, detached from the rest of the family (1). A few years later, his father passed away, leaving his with his mother (2).
Growing up, Adolf was a horrible student. By the time he was sixteen, his mother allowed him to drop out. Adolf was ecstatic, celebrating by getting drunk with his two friends (who were Jewish); However, he despised drinking so much he vowed to himself he would never drink again. He moved to Vienna to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Adolf worked as a casual worker and would sell his watercolor paintings to his Jewish neighbors. When Adolf applied to the Academy of Fine Arts he was rejected, a year…

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