Adolf Hitler Swastika Essay

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On April 20, 1889 Adolf Hitler was born. At he grew older, the country of Germany was in political chaos. Adolf’s father Alois was a very abusive father. He often beat his son when he was angry or his son acted out of his liking. This abusive relationship became a big factor in how Adolf would turn out. Adolf began to pride himself in the beatings when he refused to cry no matter how long or how hard his father beat him. This relationship became one where it was not out of love but out of fear in which they were bonded. With this type of family life it can only be evident a good kid would not come out of it.

Formally referred to as the “New Social Warfare System,” this system developed after the unification of 1871 giving benefits to families
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It was commonly known as a symbol of good luck and turned into a sign of German nationalist pride. Hitler perfected his Nazi party flag with a swastika. This would later become the symbol of Nazi propaganda. It would come to dominate societies appearing on badges, arm bands, medallions, posters and flags nationwide. Striking fear in the Jews eyes , this symbol is still very controversial today.

Hitler, most commonly known for the Holocaust and the starting of WWII, can be summed up in the words mass murderer. Not only did he kill 11 million people because his anti-Semitist beliefs, but he also killed hundreds of thousands with his armies. And those he didn’t kill with his armies, he left their towns in disaster and wreckage. Hitler outlined the prominent idea in dictators of a superior people. Even though he had tremendously revived the economy, later on he split the country upon his suicide leaving the once world power as a weak and prone world enemy.

While most know of Hitler’s mass shootings, crematoriums, and gas chambers, he also used gassing trucks. Jews were drawn into trucks that were then sealed air tight. The exhaust led to where they were held in the back and suffocated them. Hitler had no concern for the value of life and this was clearly seen. His only thought about killing millions of Jews was how he could do it

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