Essay on Adolf Hitler, Charismatic And Manipulative Leader

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Adolf Hitler was charismatic and manipulative leader who used his spellbinding oratory skills to create sense of blind obedience. Hitler formed a sense of unification by targeting a common scapegoat, and creating the ultimate “Nazi Myth.” Propaganda was a common instrument used to promote jingoistic attitudes. He was able to use his position in authority to pass laws and regulations that contributed to the ideals of the “master race.” Hitler used his totalitarian powers to promote the sense of utopia and strengthen nationalism.
First of all, Hitler used propaganda throughout literature and media to promote the sense of German nationalism. The Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Joseph Goebbels was established to depict the Nazi ideals and principles through art, music, films, and radio. (Nazi Propaganda) Films publicized anti-Semitism, the supremacy of the Germans, and the inherent evilness of Nazi regime enemies. For example, The Triumph of the Will (1935) by Leni Riefenstahl, glorified Hitler and the National Socialist movement. Many Nazi films portrayed Jews as inferior creatures contaminating Aryan society. For example, The Eternal Jew (1940), directed by Fritz Hippler, portrayed Jews as “sub-humans” consumed with greed. (Nazi Propaganda) The faulty depiction of Jews through propaganda created a social hierarchy: the inferior and the superior. This social structure produced an atmosphere of extreme nationalism, by selling the myth of the…

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