Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party And Caused The World War II Essay

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To Commend people, have to give them psychological satisfaction Adolf Hitler, one of the cruelest people in the global history who was the leader of the Nazi Party and caused the World War Two. He was effectively dictator of Nazi Germany, and was at the centre of World War II in Europe and the Holocaust. Hitler carried away people’s mind by giving them benefits and satisfied what people want, he wanted people to trust him without any thinking and let people believed that it was rational for them to follow him. In dealing with the historical issues , the German people had profound reflection , but the reflection had nothing to do with nationality, but because of the citizens ' political awareness. In the postwar period , many Germans’ view of history were actually full of fallacy, especially when it came to domestic Nazi policy issues and the Jewish.

Background History was created by someone who had apparent influence on society, as for Hitler, he was the person who was standing behind thousands of ordinary people, they are the basis of the Nazi Party, because of this, World War II had just ended, the American reporter Mayer returned to Germany and he tracked to interview ten ordinary Germans , understanding why most ordinary people would support Nazi Germany, as its answer he had taken for his book title : Hitler could give them what they want and they thought they were free. After the World War One , Germany saddled with huge war…

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